Go ahead & thank God for your birthday 🎉

Little Miss, with legs dangling from the side of the chair, sits anxiously every night ready to be the first to say her prayer. It’s been the same opening line for the last two years.”Tank you God for my birfday”.

Her daddy and I roll our eyes and quietly snicker before we say “amen”.  And I have in the past been guilty of thinking of her little words as a flippant start of a prayer. Aren’t there more important things in life?

But then it hit me. 

Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise. (James 5:13, NIV).

This almost four year old is doing what we as adults often lack. Praising God. Singing praises.

For big things and the little things. It’s what we are commanded to do when we are happy.
So now every time she bows her head and says “Tank you God for my birfday and for Brer Rabbit (meaning thanks for my parents for taking me to Disney World last year)” I say a big “hallelujah” to myself. ‘Cause this little force of mischief, smiles, & cuddles is a gift I was told I’d never get. And that blessing deserves a big praise each and every day.

So, go ahead and give thanks for your birthday and for the members of your family. And also for the advent of birthday cake. ‘Cause that’s kinda a big deal.

Soul Work
: Give thanks to God throughout the day. We don’t need to just make requests in the hard times, but we need to praise his magnificent works all the time.