Loved Baby Book Club


Hi friend,

Would you like to join our Loved Baby book club?  Each week we will have the opportunity to discuss chapters from Loved Baby: 31 Devotions Helping You Grieve and Cherish Your Child After Pregnancy Loss together.

We will begin on March 5 and conclude on Mother’s Day.  The goal is for you to go into that day feeling a bit stronger, a bit more encouraged, armed with scripture, and armed with a tribe of support.  We #HonorAllMoms and you, my dear, are the mom of a precious child / children that are dancing on streets of gold.

We can grieve & cherish together.  All of this will take place in our Loved Baby online Support Group.

Each week we will discuss three chapters.  Don’t worry…each chapter is short and you can join based on your needs each week.

Please sign-up with your email address.  This way I can send you a start-date reminder, a link to enter, and you will be entered for a few giveaways.  Click the link below for the page that will collect your email address.

I wrote this book for YOU and want us to read it TOGETHER.

Much love,

Sarah Philpott

P.S.  Where can you find Loved Baby?

-You can call your local bookstore (Barnes & Noble, Lifeway, any independent bookstore, etc…) to see if it is in-stock.  If it is not can order it for you.
-Order from Amazon:
Order on my website.  Use code TRIBE to receive it for $10.50 




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