Do you have a heart for adoption...but uncertain about finances? Advice awaits! | Sarah Philpott

Do you have a heart for adoption…but uncertain about finances? Advice awaits!

without debt

I just received a wonderful email from my English “mum.” I like to imagine that Carol was sitting in her newly blossoming garden sipping on Yorkshire Gold tea while typing the letter.

Carol shared with me a listing of scriptures she gathered for a talk she did to a group of mothers in Africa.  She shared them with me for the #HonorAllMoms campaign.

She wrote, “We can be spiritual mums, foster mums, adoptive mums, grand mums to so many people as well as birth mums. What a delight it is to serve our Lord in such a special way!”

I must agree! It is an absolute delight to be any one of the mothers she mentioned.

Some women are called to the special task of being a mother via adoption.

Did you know there are 143 million orphans in the world? I can’t even wrap my mind around that number. It’s more than the current population of Russia!

There is such a need for families to invite these precious children into their lives.

But, one of the biggest obstacles to answering this call is having the finances. Adoption can cost upwards of $50,000.

So how can you afford to answer this special mission?

Well, Julie Gumm can help you. This self-proclaimed coffee-adict is the mother to four children; two biological children and two siblings who she and her husband adopted in 2008 without any dept.   Read that again…”without ANY debt.”  Wow.

She is shares her knowledge with us in the new book, You Can Adopt Without Dept: Creative Ways to Cover the Cost of Adoption.

Whether you are considering foster adoption, domestic adoption, or international adoption this book will help you navigate the practical aspects- including finding an agency, finding grants, tax information, and creative ideas for fund-raising.

It’s an easy read that is chock full of usable, relevant information. She and her husband based their own personal journey by using the tried and true methods of financial wiz, Dave Ramsey.

Ramsey says of the book:

I receive calls on my show all the time about how you have to go into debt to adopt. Julie Gumm is living proof and a testament to the fact you can adopt without ANY debt. I highly recommend reading “Adopt Without Debt” if you are considering adoption.
Best-selling author, national speaker and nationally syndicated talk radio host

Pretty swell review, right?

I suggest that you visit her Julie Gumm’s website for a bit more information. She has kindly provided readers with a litany of resources.

And dear soul who is reading this post and knows that God has called you to grow your family through the action of adoption… I do pray that blessings flow forth as you embark upon the amazing journey of bringing a child-chosen especially by God for YOU- into your family.

I’ll also pray for patience…I hear you need quite a bit…it can be a long road.

And, if you are interested in the book….good news awaits!


I have two copies to gift to two lucky families who have a heart for adoption.

This giveaway will end on May 12th.

You can have your name entered in the competition by:

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“tweeting” the message (just make sure you tag me…@SarahLPhilpott)

You name will be entered every time you do one of the above.


Much love,


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6 thoughts on “Do you have a heart for adoption…but uncertain about finances? Advice awaits!

  1. Adoption is such a true blessing to the child and the family! Finances is one of the biggest reasons my husband has been scared to adopt. What a huge burden lifted to know ways to not have to go in debt for this.

  2. What a fabulous resource! Both of my children are adopted (private adoption) and I am asked about financing all the time. I can’t wait to recommend this book! Thanks!

  3. That is quite a reference from Dave Ramsey!! WOW! I would love to take a look at this book… and share it with many women interested in adopting. I’m so glad there is a resource like this out there for parents who need that encouragement and information!!

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